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                                                    John S. Mosby meets with Jeb Stuart in front of the Red Foxx Inn - June 17, 1863John S. Mosby meets with Gen. Jeb Stuart in front of the Red Foxx Inn --- June 17, 1863.

New Book about Stuart by Carl Sell, Jr.!

All proceeds goes toward the yearly maintenance of the

Jeb Stuart statue on Monument Avenue, in Richmond, Virginia.


Facts continue to emerge about Major General Jeb Stuart's trip to Gettysburg in late June, 1863. Colonel John Singleton Mosby's defense of Stuart involving his route and arrival on the battlefield in the Southern Cavalry Review prompts mention of the uncovering of a dispatch dated June 27, 1863 from Stuart to the Confederate War Department in Washington City. It was printed in the Richmond Whig newspaper on July 3, 1863. In his dispatch, Stuart reported he had taken control of Fairfax Court House and Union forces had moved toward the defenses of Washington City. The dispatch was uncovered during research for an updated volume about Stuart and his life written in conjunction with the refurbishing of his statue on Monument Avenue in Richmond. The Stuart-Mosby Historical Society raised the funds to refurbish the statue. All proceeds from the book will go to a fund designed by the Society to maintain the statue in excellent condition. Although it is unknown if the dispatch ever reached General Robert E. Lee, the Confederate government could have forwarded it via the Shenandoah Valley by telegraph and then on the Lee by way of couriers. Otherwise, how did Lee know to send a courier to Carlisle to call Stuart to Gettysburg? The plot thickens.  

As stated in the text box, proceeds from the book that refutes, corrects and expands on issues involving Confederate Major General James Ewell Brown Stuart will benefit the Stuart-Mosby Historical Society and the Stuart Statue on Monument Avenue in Richmond. Two years ago, the Society raised $40,000.00 to refurbish the statue and proceeds from this book will help pay for yearly maintenance.

Written by Society member Carl Sell, the book includes proof that Stuart communicated with Confederate officials during his ride toward Gettysburg in June 1863. Ever since the war, Stuart has been criticized by some people for not keeping in touch with General R.E. Lee at the beginning of the Gettysburg campaign, but recent information uncovered by the author proves Stuart sent at least one dispatch to Richmond while on the way to Gettysburg.

The 274-page book is a fresh look at Stuart’s life, family, leadership and camaraderie with his friends and troops. It brings together both personal and war-time information and incidents, including some that are published for the first time. The result underlines what his admirers have known for a long time-----Jeb Stuart was a highly competent military tactician and leader of troops, as well as a true friend and companion.

The book was inspired by Society member Tom Evans and is dedicated to him as a modern-day Civil War scout. Society past President Ben Trittipoe and author-lecturer Don Hakenson played a major role, along with Tom and Ed Trexler, in making sure what you read is true. Sell found the reference to Stuart’s dispatch from Fairfax Court House on June 27, 1863. Hakenson tracked down the printing of the dispatch in the Richmond Whig newspaper of July 3, 1863. Trittipoe edited and verified content for the book. Evans also checked the content for historic accuracy.

The book credits Susan Hillier for her Herculean role in raising the funds necessary to pay for the refurbishment of the statue. Janet Greentree took the before and after pictures that grace the front covers. John Paul Strain has allowed the use of his latest painting of Stuart and Flora on the back cover.  Nathaniel Lee of the Franconia Museum organized the book at no cost. An anonymous donor paid for the printing.

Carl Sell is a former newspaper editor and sportswriter for the old Washington Star newspaper. He has served as Chairman of the Fairfax County Park Authority and a 20-year member of the Fairfax County Planning Commission. He has written two books about his ancestors in the Civil War and three others books for the Franconia Museum, of which he serves as President.

The book is available at the Stuart-Mosby Cavalry Museum in Centreville, VA. The price is $25 for Society members and $30 for non-members. The book can also be ordered by mail. Make checks payable to Stuart-Mosby Historical Society and include $6 for shipping and handling. Mail orders to Don Hakenson, 4708 Lillian Drive, Alexandria, VA 22310. Sales of the books by outlets and individuals are limited to those who will contribute proceeds to the Society. Copies can be ordered electronically through franconiamuseum.org. Click on the e-store page. The Franconia Museum is a sister organization of the Stuart-Mosby Historical Society and will forward all proceeds to the Stuart-Mosby Historical Society.

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