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The Society's Authors and Their Works To Date


Below is a list of authors who are/were members of the Society and their works. Some of these books are available through the authors, and most through ordinary channels. Some are out of print and very difficult to obtain. This website will continue to update this information as needed.


Author:                              Book(s)


Dorothy F. Atkinson:         

        * King William County in the Civil War

        * Along Mangohick Byways


Peter A. Brown:                

       * Mosby’s Fighting Parson: The Life and Times of Sam Chapman

       * Take Sides With the Truth: The Postwar Letters of John Mosby to Sam Chapman
Eric Buckland:                   
        * From Rockbridge to Loudoun: Mosby's Keydet Rangers
        * They Rode with Mosby
        * Mosby's Rangers:  A Legacy of Success 
        * Mosby's Rangers:  Colts and Courage 
John C. Carter:
       *Welcome the Hour of Conflict, William Cowan McClellan and the 9th Alabama Infantry


Howard Crouch:                           
        * Horse Equipment of the Civil War Era
        * Civil War Artifacts - A Guide for the Historian
        * Civil War Sites & Scenes in Northern Virginia
        * General Lee's Farewell
        * Historic American Spurs
        * Historic American Swords
        * Relic Hunter - Field Accounts of Civil War Sites, Artifacts and Hunting
        * Repro Buckles of the Civil War
        * Virginia Militaria of the Civil War Volume I:  Buckles, Buttons and Insignia
        * Like a Hurricane, The Men, Mounts, Arms, and Tactics of Colonel John S. Mosby's Command


Richard Crouch:                 
        * Rough Riding Scout: The Story of John W. Mobberly, Loudoun’s Own Civil War Guerrilla Hero
        * Brandy Station: A Battle Like None Other
Tom Evans:                        
         * Our War - The War Between The States


Tom Evans & Jim Moyer:                    

         * Mosby Vignettes: Volumes I,II,III,IV and V

         * Mosby’s Confederacy, A Guide to the Roads and Sites of Colonel John Singleton Mosby


Steve French:

         * Imboden's Brigade in the Gettysburg Campaign

         * Rebel Chronicles: Raiders, Scouts and Train Robbers of the Upper Potomac

         * The Jones-Imboden Raid Against the B&O Railroad at Rowlesburg, Virginia April 1863

         *  Four Years Along the Tilhance:  The Diary of Elisha Manor

David Goetz:

        *"Hell is Being a Republican"

        *Ever the Gray Ghost, Colonel John Singleton Mosby and the Lincoln Conspiracies


Donald C. Hakenson:         
         * The Forgotten Land: A Tour of Civil War Sites and Other Historical Landmarks South of Alexandria, Virginia
         *The Forgotten Land: A Tour of Civil War Sites and Other Historical Landmarks South of Alexandria, Virginia (New and Expanded)
         * The Forgotten Land, Volume II: Biographical Sketches of Confederate Veterans Buried in Alexandria,Virginia
         * Reminiscences of Frank H. Rahm of Mosby's Command & an Analysis of Ranger John H. Lunceford


Donald C. Hakenson & Gregg Dudding:         

          * Mosby Vignettes Volumes VI and VII


Donald C. Hakenson & Charles V. Mauro:

          * A Tour Guide and History of Col. John S. Mosby's Combat Operations in Fairfax County, Virginia

          *A Tour Guide and History of Col. John S. Mosby's Combat Operations in Fairfax County, Virginia (New and Expanded)

          *A Tour Guide and History of Col. John S. Mosby's Combat Operations in Loudoun County, Virginia

          *A Tour Guide and History of Col. Johh S. Mosby's Combat Operations in Fauquier County, Virginia

          *Mosby's Combat Operations in Fairfax County, Virginia (DVD)

Jessica James:                     

          * Shades of Gray: A Novel of Civil War Virginia


Hugh Keen & Horace Mewborn:                          

          * 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry: Mosby’s Command


Charles V. Mauro:              

          * The Battle of Chantilly, A Monumental Storm

          * Herndon: A Town and Its History

          * A Southern Spy in Northern Virginia: The Civil War Album of Laura Ratcliffe

          * The Civil War in Fairfax County, Civilians and Soldiers

          *Mosby's Conbat Operations in Fairfax County, Virginia (DVD)

          *We Once Met by Chance


Stevan Meserve:                 *

          * The Civil War in Loudoun County, Virginia

          * In the Shadow of the Enemy


Horace Mewborn:                

          * From Mosby’s Command: Newspaper Letters and Articles by and About John S. Mosby and His Rangers


 Thomas D. Perry:                 

          * Ascent to Glory: The Genealogy of J.E.B. Stuart

          * The Free State of Patrick

          * Stuart’s Birthplace: The History of Laurel Hill Farm



Larry Rogers & Keith Rogers:          

          * Their Horses Climbed Trees: A Chronicle of the California 100 Battalion in the Civil War from San Francisco to Appomattox



Carl L. Sell, Jr.:

         *"Thank God he survived Pickett's Charge!

         * Major General James Ewell Brown Stuart (JEB Stuart)


Edward Trexler:                   

          * Civil War Fairfax Court House

          * Descendants of Conquest: Families of the James River Valley of Virginia

          * Endowed by the Creator: Families of Fairfax Court House, Virginia

          * History of Downtown Fairfax, A Walking Tour

          * Civil War in the Northern Neck
          * Capt. John Quincy Marr, Warrenton Rifles, First Confederate Officer Killed

Robert J. Trout:                    

          * Galloping Thunder: History of the Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion From Formation to the End of the War

          * The Hoss (Officer biographies of all sixty-nine officers of the Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion and Rosters for all ten Battalions)

          * Riding With Stuart - Reminiscences of Lt. Theodore S. Garnett, J.E.B. Stuart's aide-de-camp

          * In the Saddle with Stuart (Biography of Lt. Frank S. Robertson, assistant engineer on Stuart's staff)

          * They Followed the Plume (Story of Stuart’s staff officers)

          * With Pen and Saber (Letters and diaries of nine of Stuart’s staff officers)



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